My name is Paul Santa Cruz, and I am in education. I spent 9 years teaching English, and the past 9 as the Campus Technology Director at a high school in Arizona. I also have my own video production business.

Since I like both filmmaking and technology as well as education, I’ve had the pleasure of sponsoring a Filmmakers’ Club at my school. We look at films, we talk movies. This blog will hopefully serve as another learning opportunity for me and for my students.

My list of films primarily comes from Roger Ebert’s Great Movies essays. I’ve grown up with Ebert, have a lot of respect for the man as a writer, critic, and film lover, and if he thinks I should see these, then I will. Because of the Great Movies series, I’ve been introduced to French and Italian films I would probably have never otherwise seen (and I’m now a Fellini fan). Check out his page and the Great Movies series under my links. The other films I’ve chose will come from various other lists, recommendations, essay, reviews, articles or simply be films I’ve always wanted to see but for whatever reason just haven’t.



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